Executive Summary

Cyrus J. Guidry & Associates employees collectively have a wealth of experience in the oil, gas, and petro-chemical industry. Our experience has taken us all over the world, both onshore and offshore. I believe our company's experience and management philosophy can provide a real advantage for your company during these competitive times.

Our number one focus is a commitment to our client. Whether the project is a turn-key project management through start-up, or simply construction management/inspection, our people will have your project requirements as their only objective.

Years of experience has taught us that projects are best managed by people who have the ability to solve problems. Our goal is to always keep common sense on the forefront. We are not going to sit down and model it or discuss it to no end. We will resolve issues on-site to ensure project schedules, budgets, quality, and safety requirements are met.

Thank you for your interest in our company.

We stand ready to be of service.

Kindest Regards, 

Cyrus J. Guidry

Cyrus J. Guidry